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Roda d'água Mineral Water:

Spring water Roda d'água is located in Serra do Elefante, in Juatuba/MG, near the Olga Ullmann Environmental Reserve, certified by Ordinance IEF/MG N° 82 on July 23, 2001 as a RPPN - Private Reserve of the Natural Heritage -, which fully assures its future existence and preservation.

Our spring is surrounded and protected by a veritable ecological sanctuary, far from any contact with pollution and free from human action, thus providing a unique water of a distinguished quality, known for its extreme lightness and the perfect natural balance of its mineral composition, which helps the human body work better.

With its fully automated bottling process, free of any contamination and approved by health and safety government agencies, Roda d'água Mineral Water is submitted to a continuous quality control, ensuring total safety for consumption.